Commissioning some work is a straightforward matter.

A quick email or telephone message (the Timber Tailor is likely to be busy in his workshop) will put you in touch to discuss your enquiry.

Smaller jobs are always welcome and can often be arranged by phone. Commissions involving the design and production of a tailored piece of furniture dedicated to a client’s requirements can involve a significant investment in energy, time and money for the Timber Tailor and his client. In these situations, it is important for the Timber Tailor to have a full understanding of the client’s needs and a visit to meet the client is often the best way to achieve this. Likewise, a client is welcome to visit the Timber Tailor’s workshop.

The Timber Tailor will then prepare concept drawings and cost estimations for further discussion.

Once a proposal has been finalized, a deposit payment is all that is needed to start a commission.

Contact the Timber Tailor by phone or email to discuss your ideas:


Phone Number:

0400 102 551

Please leave a message as the Timber Tailor is likely to be busy in his workshop.

Email address:

timbertailor at

Please type in manually using the @ symbol ( scamming ).

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