First and foremost The Timber Tailor is about building dedicated custom designed and commissioned furniture for his established and growing client base.

However, in between time concentrated on such work The Timber Tailor has developed a small range of production line pieces available for immediate delivery or purchase.


These boards were first made from available off-cuts of sassafras left over from a job and taken with us on a recent trip to Japan as gifts. A handful ended up in our kitchen on trial and have found constant use on the kitchen bench from small chopping boards that are easy to grab and move about to pot stands as a quick place to drop a hot pot and as serving boards at the table for sushi etc. They are made at different heights which allows chopped food to be readily separated and pushed to a lower board placed next door and whisked into a pot on the stove.

Available in a range of timbers and treated with cooking oil ready for use. Best wiped clean immediately after use and kept away from the dish washer.

timber tailor handcrafted sushi boards