Entertainment units by their very nature are required to hold the assorted gear used for audio visual entertainment.

As such they tend to be boxy and bulky, rarely qualifying as pieces of fine furniture in their own right.

With this piece I was determined to move away from the usual formula and elected to elevate the storage "box" or carcass and have it float within a slender frame lifted to a suitable height. The carcass was sized to hold the client's TV monitor and assorted AV gear behind doors such that with the doors closed there was no evidence of the equipment which is best hidden from view if not in use. The doors are bi-folding to allow full opening without swinging too far outside the cabinet's footprint. Twin drawers under the doors accomodate the current range of storage media, CDs DVDs at al.

The cabinet is designed to have a life after its use as an entertainment centre expires and will hopefully be put to such use in time.