Small white beech display cabinet shaped as an exponential horn to draw the eye into the rear of the cabinet.

I first conceived and built this piece about 30 years ago and have not seen anything quite like it since.

The inspiration derives from an even earlier job I received to build a pair of exponential horn speakers. The subtle curve of the horn was a seductive sculpture form that kept floating about in my head.

At that very early point in my woodworking career my skill set was very basic and I had no means of expressing or executing anything resembling the current piece. However, within a year or two I had stumbled on the first book of the late Jim Krenov and like many others then found a voice which set me on my way

The piece involves a deceptively complex array of curves which draw the eye into the back of the cabinet. Frosted glass in the rear allows light to enter from the back and minimises the sensation of a bottomless pit to the cabinet.