The suite of furniture including a sideboard, entertainment unit, small media storage cabinet and coffee table all out of Qld Silver Ash commenced as a commission from a client who was dissatisfied with the offerings from her local traditional cabinetmakers; particularly with regard to their approach to finishing which was dismissed with a cursory comment “ oh, we just spray on some type of gloss finish”.  The Timber Tailor adopted a more consultative approach with a detailed consideration of the client’s home and aesthetic sensibilities. Clearly, here was a client who was interested in a carefully thought out and executed piece taking into account all the client’s requiremnts.


Silver Ash was chosen for the subtle colourings and grain, with care taken in the choice of shellec sealing and wax finish to retain the full appeal of the final product.


The sideboard or Credenza was completed and soon followed by a request for an entertainment unit of the same wood.


Entertainment units are always a challenge to combine function of holding and rendering a number of components, which are best hidden away from view, but must be at hand and accessible in an elegant piece of furniture. Furthermore, any piece of furniture that will have enduring value and use must allow for the ever changing make up of entertainment components. Television monitors are a good example of one component that is increasing in size, where most other components of an entertainment system are decreasing in size. Moreover, the client wished for the monitor to be hidden within the cabinet behind doors.